Imagine 2019 Panel Recap: Stories from the Edge: First Explorers of Progressive Web Apps

May 13, 2019 - Reading time: 2 minutes

I am at #MagentoImagine 2019 this year at the Wynn Hotel in Las Vegas. Great food and fun times networking. What follows is a recap of some of the hottest panel topics in Magento development. This post is on Stories from the Edge: First Explorers of Progressive Web Apps.

These details are gleaned from notes I took while taking in the panels, so keep that in mind if anything seems overly obvious.

What a great start to a day for developers! This was by far the most informative and entertaining panel at Imagine 2019, topping even Keynote presentations in my mind.

A few notes I got from this panel:

Magento is leveraging the future of the platform on PWAs.

Taking into account that this panel was primarily about diving into the pioneers of PWA development - those firms and developers who recognized the opportunity and bridged 'The Chasm' (a lack of implemented features needed for a successful commerce transaction) - the passion in which the presenters engaged the topic's future made it immediately evident that this is the next step for Magento's frontend experience.

In version 2.3.2+ PWA expedition ramps up significantly, GraphQL implementation key.

PWA Studio development seems to be moving along at a pace matched or exceeded by GraphQL development, which is promising since GraphQL is the preferred engine to utilize for PWA development.

We're currently on 2.3.1 as of this post, with 2.3.2 coming soon.

PWAs leverage a superior shopping experience, faster time to market (TTM) with trained developers, and overall lower cost of ownership (TCO).

This one wasn't entirely developer-oriented, BUT it is promising to know if you're looking for a reason to champion for PWAs for your Magento 2 development pipeline.

PWA adoption moving faster than Responsive

This was more of a statement from the presenters and not on a slide, but it is an impressive statistic if true.

PWA adoption should be considered a replatforming effort.

This statement makes a lot of sense given you are essentially abandoning the current Magento frontend in favor of a React app.

Bonus slide about conversion rate drop with increased load time.


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